Fair Use

On this site you’ll find a lot of good songs. Please remember that the authors and producers of these songs spent a lot of time and energy writing, notating and recording these songs.

They generously agreed to put this music online to help our worship life, so let’s respect their intellectual property – it’s still protected by copyright.

That’s why when you use our site, we expect you to do so fairly:

  • It’s okay to use this site to learn and teach worship music
  • It’s not okay to record other people’s music and put it online or on a CD without their permission
  • It’s okay use the lyrics on this site in your personal prayer time, but you cannot add them to your community or church songbook without permission from the authors
  • If you would like permission to record music or use a song in your songbook, just contact us and ask, and we’ll put you in contact with the right person

In a word: Just use good judgment and don’t abuse their generosity. Thanks!