When Your Kingdom Comes

by Tony Sarkis Release year: 2022 

In Heaven is where our home is found,
On earth our lives, are kingdom bound
For you have made us for yourself
And so our hearts, are restless till we see,
Your kingdom come!


1. Let us not grow faint or weary,
Let us not lose our hope,
For all our struggles will come to pass
And there’ll be no more sorrow or pain
But everlasting joy!
When your kingdom comes


2. And on that day we shall receive,
Crowns that never fade away,
Death will die and we will live,
For you will raise us to new life ,
and bring us into glory


3. Lord Jesus bring us to that day
When you will end all death and sin
When we will finally see your face!
When we will join, the rest of your saints,
And worship in your courts,
When your kingdom comes



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