We Will Come

by Peter Del Castillo Release year: 2022 

We will come to seek him, to seek the King of Glory

And we will come to find him, to find the love of Christ, 

We will come to gather, to gather in worship and praise

with hope in our hearts to see him, to see him face to face. 



Singing, worthy are you Lord, of Honor and Glory and Praise

Your children all adore and worship your holy name (End: x2)


We will come as pilgrims and be welcomed as children of God 

none of us deserving, our ransom freely bought. 

We will bring an offering, of sacrifice and praise

bowing in adoration at the only name that saves. 


We will come by mercy and faith in Christ alone

washed by living waters, in robes of white adorned. 

The Father will gather His children, those He has claimed for His own 

to worship Him forever and live within His home. 


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