We Sing of Your Love

by Tony Sarkis Release year: 2023 

Lord, who may ascend to your hill, your holy place?
Lord, who can afford to behold your face and live?
Here we stand, filled with awe,
Free to enter your courts,
For you have torn the veil, and now we can boldly come to you


We sing of your love, steadfast, never ceasing
We celebrate, we shout for joy, your goodness overwhelms us.
Honor and praise be to you, our Father.
In faithfulness you brought us out
Of darkness to live in your glorious light.


Lord, you made of us a holy race, a people for you.
We gladly declare your wondrous deeds and mighty acts.
Christ our Lord, we come to you;
Joyfully we acclaim
That you have loosed our bonds and you broke our yoke
And blotted out our sins.


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