We Come to You

by John Hughes Release year: 2023 

We come to Mount Zion,

The heavenly Jerusalem, the city of our God.

To thousands upon thousands of angels gathered round,

We come to praise the Lord of Hosts.



We come to you, to the living God,

You who bought us at a price. We come freely

Unto Jesus Christ, our Lord, 

Once rejected, now become our cornerstone.

O Son of God, we come to you.

End: O Son of God, we come to you.


We come to temple courts,

 The true and better dwelling place not made with human hands,

Where our High Priest has entered once for all to give

His life, his perfect, holy blood.


We come with nothing in our hands,

 No worthy sacrifice to bring, yet offering our lives.

From ev’ry tribe and nation, all corners of the earth,

We come to serve the Lord of all.


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