The Work of Christ

by John Hughes Release year: 2008 

Inspired by: Matthew 27-28 and Hebrews 10:20

His body broken, the veil is torn
Humbled and empty, his life outpoured
What man can fathom this sacrifice
Who can imagine the work of Christ

Behold the temple, our priest revealed
Our eyes are opened, our sickness healed
Our way to heaven, in death he won
Jesus our bridegroom, the victorious Son

Behold him risen, upon his throne
New life he gives now, unto his own
Our Christ in glory, he takes his seat
His Father pleased now, his work complete

Higher and higher, he calls us up
To share his glory, to drink his cup
Thousands and thousands, will fill the air
Boldly we enter, to be with him there

To God the Father, we raise our song
And through the Spirit, to Christ his Son
Oh, hallelujah, the Victor reigns
Death has no power over those he claims


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