Strong the Chains

by Paul Beckman Release year: 2021 

Strong the chains that held us bound

Through our fall cast afar from the light of his face

Yet as great the fetters of our sin

Greater still is the love of our God for man

He has taken heed of our souls' distress

Knowing our frame that we are but dust

Thus he sends his firstborn Son to be

Ransomed for our captivity


Wisdom knowledge and holiness

All revealed in the Lord our righteousness

Every promise of our faithful God

Finds its "yes" in the will of his living word

He is Jesus fount of truth and life

Mercy and favour in sacrifice

He has raised us from our lowliness

Healing our nature by his death


Love and worship freely bring

Giving glory and honour and thanks everlasting

Look upon the exalted Lord

For in him is our help and our great reward

He is Christ 'fore whom all knees shall bend

He the beginning and he the end

His redeemed in endless joy shall share

God's own glory evermore


For his name by all shall be confessed

God and Saviour ever blessed

While his bride in triumph ceaseless sings

Hymns of glory to her King

Sung to the glory of her King

Sung to the glory of her King


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