The Song of Moses and the Lamb

by Br. Ted Psemeneki Release year: 2021 

Lyrics: Adapted from Ex 15: 1, 3, 18 & Rev 15: 3-4

The Lord is a warrior.
Lord is his Name!
Glor’ous in triumph, let us sing to Him.
The Lord will reign forever.
He will reign forever, Amen!


1. Mighty and wonderful are your works
Lord, Almighty God!
Right’ous and true are all your ways!
King of the nations!


2. You alone are the Holy One;
to you all nations will come.
Your right’ous deeds are clearly seen:
worship is due your name.


For who would refuse you
you honor, O Lord?
For it is due your name.
(to ref.)  


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