Song of Ascent

by Paul Michael Graham Release year: 2016 

Inspired by: Psalm 84, Psalm 122 and Hebrews 12

Rise up, we've heard the call to ascend the holy mountain
to praise the Lord of all, to worship at his footstool.
We do not come to a place of fear,
of darkness and terror and storm,
but to the heavenly Jerusalem
where saints and angels praise before the throne.

Sing a song of ascent, as they sang as they went
to the dwelling of God Almighty.
Sing to Him a new song: oh awaken the dawn
to the place where He rests
Sing a song of ascent.

Such grace we have been shown
a kingdom opened to us.
This world is not our home
this flesh no lasting dwelling.
But our praise will rise above these things
and silence the lies of the foe;
so with hearts set on pilgrimage
from strength to strength we go.


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