It Is I

by Tony O'Neill Release year: 2022 

When I sink down in gloom or fear
Hope blighted or delayed
Thy whisper Lord my heart shall cheer
‘Tis I be not afraid


Or startled at some sudden blow
If fretful thoughts I feel
“Fear not it is but I” shall flow
As balm my wound to heal


Nor will I quit thy way though foes
Some onward pass defend
From each rough voice the watchword goes
“Be not afraid a friend”


And oh when judgement’s trumpet clear
Awakes me from the grave
Still in its echo may I hear
‘Tis Christ he comes to save


2 thoughts on “It Is I

  1. Beautiful serene song,
    remind us God is present in the midst of the storm and at the end of our earthly journey.
    Can i get the musical notes and chords?

    1. Hi Jihad,
      Glad to hear you like this song.

      To get the music and chords, just click on the blue button above which says “Get Music & Chords”.

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