I Saw the King

by Daniel Mayoros Release year: 2022 

I saw the armies of angels arising
The banners of heaven appeared on the clouds
I saw the King in his glory arriving
The cry goes up “Our salvation is near”


I heard the tongues of the holy ones singing
Anthems of cherubim thund’ring on high
Voices on voices in harmony ringing
All God’s redeemed join the heavenly choir


See the King upon his throne
See the victory he has won
See his love and mercy saving
Jesus reigns for evermore

(End: Jesus reigns for evermore)


Under his feet ev’ry mountain shall crumble
Valleys arise to prepare him a way
So shall the prideful before him be humbled
And the afflicted be raised to his side


Look to his coming you sleepers awaken
Where he approaches the shadows depart
Feel from your arms Satan’s fetters are breaking
Lift up your heads and rejoice in the light


3 thoughts on “I Saw the King

  1. It’s a great song indeed! Singing it lifts me to that day of His Second Coming and Heaven’s community daily visits!

  2. Uplifting song.I love it.I will introduce this song to our members of the community and will sing it in our praise and worship prayer meeting .Thank you for sending .God bless,.

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