He Is Lord of All Creation

by Joseph Mathias Release year: 2015 

Verse 1:
He is Lord of all creation, He is King enthroned above
He is merciful and gracious, Slow to anger rich in love
He is righteous in His judgments, He is just in all his ways
He is faithful to His promises,
Swift to answer mighty to save

Verse 2:
When the cords of death ensnared me, then I cried aloud to Him
In the storm He rode to meet me, on the wings of cherubim
And He crushed my foes in fury, with His great and mighty hand
And He drew me from the water, set my feet upon the firm land

Verse 3:
He has bowed the vault of heaven, by his meek and lowly birth
And His holy death has shaken, the foundations of the earth
He has carved our seal of ransom, in the wood whereon He bled
He has bound the king of darkness, He has crushed the serpent’s head

Verse 4:
Hallelujah! He is Victor! Let the hymn of triumph ring
Death is lead away a pris’ner, He has robbed it of its sting
He has won for us a kingdom, that will stand for length of days
O my soul arise to greet Him, O my tongue sing out His praise!


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