All Nature Is Travailing

by Joseph Mathias Release year: 2015 

Verse 1
All nature is travailing
Until the day of peace
When tumults shall be silenced
And strivings all shall cease
When ravaged by the fires of war
The earth shall flee away
And blackened skies shall part before
The glorious dawning day

Verse 2
Then shall the holy city
In radiance appear
And all who have awaited her
Shall come from far and near
The reaper shall retire his blade
The soldier sheathe his sword
And each recline at table for
The Sabbath of the Lord
(To Chorus)

How long O Lord how long
How long until your servants take their rest

Verse 3
By streams of living water
Shall rise the joyful hymns
And there the fainting laborer
Shall bathe his aching limbs
With healing leaves the warrior
Shall have his raw wounds bound
And she who mourned her children lost
Shall see them safely found

Verse 4
And ev’ry eye so weary
With looking on the slain
Shall open to a new sight
Forgetting former pain
No lamp or sun shall light their gaze
But by the Lamb alone
Shall they behold the face of him
Who sits upon the throne


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